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팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.
World Yeomtasul Federation
It is a groundbreaking self-defense technique that
protects one's body and property and family.
World Yeomtasul Federation
It's the best self-defense technique
you can do with a short stick.
World Yeomtasul Federation
Anyone of all ages can easily
learn and use the technology.
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The World Yeomtasul Federation is with you in the future.
Yeomtasul is self-defense with short-term skills acquisition and aims at complete control
of the opponent, making it easy for men and women of all ages to learn and use the technology.
The best self-defense martial art and a set of skills that could be embodied with a tactical baton
There are many types of martial arts without skills. The dagger has a stabbing function, and the long sword usually trains cutting or cutting techniques. It is a bow and shooting function, and the main function of fencing is stabbing.

Jangbong, Jungbong, and Danbong, which are also used in martial arts, are also trained with hitting functions. Most technologyless technologies are being developed to the extent that they can be hit, stabbed, or hit.
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