The Advantage of Cyber Lecture(사이버 강의의 장점)


The Advantage of Cyber Lecture(사이버 강의의 장점)

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*The Advantage of Cyber Lecture

The World Yeomtasul Federation is leading the value creation for citizen’s health and good use of leisure.The World Yeomtasul Federation pioneers the leading paradigm of license through cyber lectures.

Yeomtasul is a new concept of sports that anyone can learn easily. It is especially effective for losing weight for women, which makes yeomtasul easy to collect members, including children and women. 

Yeomtasul uses tools, such as bogu, hand-protecting gloves, and sponge sticks.

It can not only be practiced safely without being wounded, but you can also enjoy leisure and promotion of health all at once.

Yeomtasul is not restricted to time or place, as it is a sport that can be enjoyed with only two people.

Middle-aged women, disabled, members of community relief centers, sports centers, and more facilities can provide Yeomtasul as a leisure activity.

These groundbreaking sports systems can also be enjoyed through online lectures.

Invest in becoming a pioneer in the physical directing industry.

It is no longer easy to survive in a competitive environment if masters of the studios or physical directors only focus on one thing they are good at. Now, we need three or four more licenses other than our specialties.

The cyber lecture for Yeomtasul will give you a sense of pride in your career.


2. Become a pioneering leader in the ever-changing world!

Respect is gained by everyone’s recognition, not by force.

Knowing this, we are still very sensitive about having lectures and training offline.

The first important thing is time, and the second important thing is the distance to go to the studio.

We had to spend hours in KTX from other areas to Seoul just to learn the skill. Now, online lectures will be satisfying enough to resolve these problems.

The program includes gaining four kinds of Yeomtasul licenses, a police arrest technique license, and a three-tiered tactical baton trainer license so that anyone can easily practice all of these at once.