Cost and Process of License Application(라이센스 발급 비용및 신청방법)


Cost and Process of License Application(라이센스 발급 비용및 신청방법)

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라이센스 발급 비용및 신청방법(Cost and Process of License Application) 

Cost and Process of License Application

Yeomtasul is not a martial art.

Yeomtasul can be used as an alternative program at a martial art studio for members.

The sparring used in Yeomtasul is called ‘Yeomta Sports’.

Anyone can easily acquire a license and enjoy sports. Enjoy the sports using a 52-60cm long sponge stick. Safe head gear and fair rules will inspire sportsmanship and help a good use of leisure time.

The police arrest technique trainer and three-tiered baton trainer training may include kickboxing, hapkido, taekwondo, bodyguard martial arts, etc., as a special course.

These skills will be helpful for securities and police officers in conducting their tasks at work.

Cost for Yeomtasul license issuance and how to apply For online classes, the costs for practicing and offline tests will not be included, which makes acquiring a license very affordable.

Participate in a regular offline seminar to improve your skills and enjoy training.

1. Defense against attack license (30 US$)

2. Self-defense license (30US$ )

3. Yeomta grappling license (30 US$)

4. Yeomta sparring (30 US$)

5. Police Arrest Trainer License (70 US$ )

6. Baton Coach License (70 US$) 

7. License for studios that have acquired the license by The World Yeomtasul Federation (50 US$)


Please apply for the license you want to acquire on the Yeomta License Application Board for individual guidance.

The way to acquire a license is simply and easily created into a program, which will enable faster issuance of the license.